Pink Dot HK 一點粉紅

Pink Dot is October 13 Sunday this year! Sign up to volunteer and we will see you all there to celebrate diversity and unity!

From BMCC 基恩之家 Facebook Page

一齊聽吓義工Alan分享佢參與Pink Dot義工工作嘅經驗,你都把握機會,加入我哋粉紅義工團隊,10月13日齊齊為 Pink Dot HK 一點粉紅 出一分力。叫埋家人、朋友仔、同事、同學仔,一齊參加啦!立即登記: ❤?????
We are looking for friendly, dedicated, reliable volunteers who want to play a part in PinkDotHK on Oct 13 2019. Friends, families, and allies are all welcome! If this is you, sign up now:

#PinkDotHK2019 #PinkDotHK #一點粉紅2019 #有力出力 #PinkVolunteer

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