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各位兄弟姐妹,由於香港武漢肺炎情況第三波爆發中,政府又實施了一些限制措施,因此基恩之家(BMCC)的崇拜由19/07(日)開始實施Facebook 直播直至另行通知為止,這段其間各位兄弟姐妹請勿前往太子會址。敬請留意??

Dear sisters and brothers ,
please note that due to the outbreak of the third wave of Wuhan virus in Hong Kong and restrictive measures imposed by the Hong Kong government, BMCC Sunday Worship will shift to Facebook Live broadcast only until further notice. Please DO NOT come to our Prince Edward premise during this lockdown period.


From BMCC 基恩之家 Facebook Page

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