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Dear Church Members & Allies,

We would like to promote our fundraising campaign in this letter, aimed at supporting our church’s mission of inclusivity and diversity and continuing to provide a safe and supportive space for the LGBTQ community.

As you know, the LGBTQ community often faces discrimination and exclusion. These individuals face various challenges, including family issues, emotional issues, work-related issues, and more. In this context, our church is a safe haven for the LGBTQ community, providing them with psychological counseling, support groups, social activities, and more.

However, we need your support to continue providing these important services to the LGBTQ community. Your donation will directly support our LGBTQ community, including providing psychological counseling, organizing support groups, preparing LGBTQ-friendly education programs, and more. These services will help LGBTQ community members overcome challenges, find their place, and establish more positive lifestyles.

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Your support will make a huge impact, helping us build a more inclusive and diverse community. Your donation will help us provide these important services and help more people find a safe and supportive home. Our programs at BMCC include:

Signature 101 to 501 classes:
Our progressive theology plays an important role in liberating our perspectives in faith. The classes combine LGBTQ history, self-acceptance, Christianity studies, leadership skills, and more. They are prepared carefully and taught by our experienced leaders in seminar and discussion formats. Past participants experience personal transformations that last a lifetime, enriching their souls and others around them. These experiences not only equip them with serenity and courage to face challenges in their lives but also skills and empathy to become the next generation of leaders at this church.

Counselling Center:
Our on-site counseling center has helped hundreds of individuals throughout the years overcome discrimination and encourage self-acceptance

The LGBTQ community faces many challenges, including mental health issues, interpersonal issues, gender identity issues, and more. We believe that everyone should be able to find their place and experience God’s love and grace. Therefore, we provide affirmative counseling services to support LGBTQ community members in overcoming these challenges.

Our counselors are professionally trained and certified to provide high-quality counseling services. They will use positive psychology and solution-focused approaches to help LGBTQ community members overcome challenges, establish positive lifestyles, and find their place.

Cell Groups:
Our church provides a variety of groups led by our seasoned leaders to maintain our blessed relationships with each other. Many personal stories of faith and revelations are experienced here as we heal and uplift each other in the peaks and valleys of our lives. Every group has a focus on a spiritual area, each reflecting a different modality with which we learn about God and the relationship with us.

Narrator – Using theatrical arts and expression to grow strong spiritually and mentally to heal oneself and others 
Be The Light – Developing social justice for the community while building a supportive and intimate bond
Couples Fellowship – Building a strong relationship as couples and finding faith with each other
Biblio – Studying faith through scriptures and through the lens of ancient and modern authors
Oratio – Leading contemplative and meditative sessions as a means to examine God within oneself and revealing mysteries of our world
Wonderers – Learning to appreciate the company of each other in the wondrous journey to discover God

Social Justice:
Our sanctuary has a special function in the community. We provide a regular meeting venue for other NGOs to host their events at a low or subsidized cost. Our church plays the role of a mediator and bridge to connect the NGOs and individual advocates working on a variety of topics related to our community, including but not limited to the harms of conversion therapy, raising awareness on mental health and LGBTQ rights.

Over 80% of our members are a part of at least one of these wonderful programs. Please consider making a generous donation, and your donation will directly support the administrative costs of running our church, run these programs for free and benefiting the wider LGBTQ community members and allies. Thank you for your attention and support.

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May God’s love and justice be with you all,
Alan Hau 侯詠釗
Deacon & Executive Director 行政執事
Blessed Ministry Community Church 基恩之家