Opinions: Court hears in gov’t appeal against equal inheritance rights for LGBTQ

There is no erosion of anyone’s rights by including the LGBTQ community in the current definition of the inheritance laws. No heterosexual couple would suddenly receive fewer benefits due to extending their rights to us.

Many of us would welcome the clarification on inheritance laws; it means we no longer have to worry about the significant cost. Although setting up a will in Hong Kong can be affordable, its execution upon the death of a spouse is not guaranteed. Making a secure and proper will at a reputable firm can be costly.

This is indeed a material difference for our community and to say there is no effect on us is an understatement because the current system works for those who can afford it. The government’s unwillingness to extend inheritance laws to us effectively discriminates against middle-class and poor LGBTQ folks.

It is a confusing policy for the government to say on the one hand to support equal opportunities for LGBTQ (致力促進不同性傾向和跨性別人士的平等機會:  https://www.news.gov.hk/chi/2022/10/20221028/20221028_141320_512.html?type=ticker) and when the aforementioned “equal opportunity” is available to us in the form of “inheritance rights” the government is so quick to lead an appeal in court with taxpayers’ money to seek to overturn the ruling.

Is the government choosing to maintain the current unequal rights and create greater disharmony in the already fractured society?

Pick a side.

Sources: HKFP, GDotTV