[HK01] Coming Out is Taking Responsibility for your own life. A Gay Couple talking about finding love at Church

Every June is Pride Month, and the animated film “Buzz Lightyear”, which happened to be just released, caused heated discussions because of the scene of same-sex kissing.
For more than half a century, there have been Pride Month celebrations in many parts of the world. Old Chinese movies always love to marginalize and dramatize LGBTQ folks with a negative connotation. However, under the rainbow banner, the journey of a gay couple who met and fell in love is not much different from any genuine couple.
Alan Hau and Hong Cheng are a couple who met in the church. During the epidemic, they chose to register their marriage online. Their families were accepting and there wasn’t anything highly dramatic aside from fighting over the blanket at night and life’s many hurdles for couples like them.Just like the hymn they sang, “Precious dreams to fly free as birds do, we know better to cherish them even more. “
“He is a rare find.” The man who has been married for several months said.

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同志驕傲月|教會結緣Gay Couple勇敢談「愛」:想推進就要搞婚禮