GSKL “The Roof” Project: Save LGBTQ Lives Now

Be part of the BIG PICTURE! 

<The Roof Project>

After years of serving the marginalized communities in Malaysia, Good Samaritan Kuala Lumpur once again is extending its care by moving forward with a bigger dream and vision for the community, by the community. 

As an Inclusive Church in the heart of Malaysia that has lit up the lives of many in the past 13 years, is now committed to present you with <The Roof Project>- A dynamic space for Equality, Inclusivity, and Diversity! 

<The Roof Project> aims to build a safe space and shelter, a community of inclusiveness through cultivating a culture of love and justice so that nobody is left behind. For this, we target to fundraise a total amount of RM700,000 (approx. 172,000 USD or 1,330,000 HKD) for <The Roof Project>. 

Now, we hereby invite you on this journey to be part of <The Roof Project> as a Good Samaritan.

For more information, visit GSKL’s website here: 

Please register via the link to join us on that day:

Donate using credit card via GKash to GOOD SAMARITAN KUALA LUMPUR SDN BHD:

If you need a donation receipt for tax deduction purposes we welcome you to donate through BMCC and we will group the donations and transfer to GSKL on your behalf. Simply donate to BMCC via FPS (+852 6350 5114) or bank transfer and notify Alan Hau via email or phone (+852 9828 8937 /

Why do we need The Roof Project?

The Malaysian government has increasingly pressured the LGBTQ community and activists in the name of censorship and religious reasons. Local politicians have allegedly bashed the LGBTQ community as an excuse to drive supporting votes from religious extremists and the unknowing public:

The situation is no less worrying for other human rights organisations in the country as their rights of expression are limited. The Roof Project is an ambitious sanctuary that provides protection to these brave souls and entities so they may incubate and grow without the fear of incessant physical and verbal harassment. The support includes:

  • Queer Emergency Shelter for people in need
  • Satir based psychological counselling and psychotherapy offered in 1:1 and group formats
  • Self-enrichment classes and workshop
  • Enneagram workshop
  • Meditation retreat
  • Event Space for workshops, event, parties etc