Wooven Supports BMCC for LGBTI Mental Health


Hong Kong, 4 April 2018 — Wooven is a premier retailer of luxury bed linens with an important mission. We are the first socially conscious brand in Hong Kong supporting local LGBT advocacy efforts in the mental health space. 50% of Wooven’s profits will be donated to organizations aligned with this cause.

Wooven proudly supports organizations such as Blessed Ministry Community Church (BMCC) to train counselors in affirmative therapy. The church provides space for clients to receive therapy and acts as a safe haven for the LGBTI community.

Mr. Alan Hau, founder of Wooven said, “Most of the counseling services available in Hong Kong revolves around conversion therapy that is mentally and physically damaging. Having been through mental trauma myself, there is a critical need for LGBTI affirmative counseling in Hong Kong.”

  • More than 30% LGBTI individuals attempted suicide. The suicide rate of this group is double of that of the average population.
  • Sexual abstinence-based therapy does not work and causes further emotional trauma
  • Affirmative therapy is needed but counselors and resources are constrained

About Blessed Ministry Community Church (BMCC)

At BMCC, all may come to worship, serve, and grow spiritually — without regard to race, ethnicity, social class, age, gender/gender identity, or sexual orientation. For more information, visit https://hkbmcc.org/

About Wooven

Wooven is a premier online retailer of luxury bedding and home decor. Having a good sleep should be affordable to everyone. For more information, visit http://www.sleepwooven.com/


To learn more about this announcement, please contact

Alan Hau, founder Wooven

Unit A1, 11/F, Po Yip Building

62–70 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Office: +852 9828 8937



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