BMCC is the winner of 2019 LGBT+ Community Impact Award and 2nd in LGBT+ Inclusion Index in Hong Kong

Blessed Ministry Community Church (BMCC) is the first LGBT+ inclusive church that welcomes sexual minorities in Asia, promoting LGBT+ inclusion and God’s love towards sexual minorities in religious groups and society for years. We are proud to be recognized by Community Business, achieving Bronze Standard in the 2019 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index and receiving LGBT+ Community Impact Award.

Other than achieving Bronze Standard in the 2019 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index, BMCC also ranked the second in the 2019 Hong Kong Top 3 SMEs for LGBT+ Inclusion. 2019 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index assessed four aspects, namely strategic, proactive, impactful and sustainable, and score the corporate policies and practices on how well they create an inclusive working environment for LGBT+ employees. As a Christian church that is LGBT+ friendly, we welcome all sexual minorities to hold ministerial duties in the church and participate in any leadership activities. We require all co-workers, volunteers to respect and accept each other’s differences. Having the goal of building the Kingdom with love and justice on Earth, we practice what we teach. We set an example for other churches on treating sexual minorities with equity and acceptance internally.

The theme of our LGBT+ community project is “Living Your True Self” encourages LGBT+ members to live their true selves in society. We believe that God’s creation is diverse, and His grace freed us so that we can build the body of Christ, the church and its people, together. We drive the conversation forward to create an authentic culture of heaven that ends the use of scriptures to validate discriminatory practices.

The Lord creates diverse lives, and in the eyes of Him, we are all beautiful. Among these lives, sexual minorities definitely are included. Therefore, LGBT+ should accept their diverse lives as how God love us. Based on our progressive theology, we care about social justice, putting our effort on liberating the lives of sexual minorities. As it is important to know that these lives have dignity, we promoted LGBT+ recognition of self-worth through different community campaigns including but not limited mental health counseling,  diversity workshops, theological seminars, etc.

LGBT+ Community Impact Award affirms BMCC’s contribution to the LGBT+ community in Hong Kong. Different corporations also recognize our important role in workplace inclusion, as we encourage those employees who are afraid to come out due to religious beliefs to live their true lives. In the road of advocating the rights of sexual minorities and building our faith, we are supported by different LGBT+ friendly churches around the world. In the future, we will continue to walk on this road of love and justice, using Hong Kong as the base, to become the leader of promoting human rights in Asia.