FULL: Join CUHK’s study on PreP (Truvada) usage and get 1 year of free supply

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參與中大研究免費送你一年 PreP

研究將向政府倡議資助所有有需要的人購買Prep。現時PreP在香港未有被廣泛使用, 而prep 在港價格昂貴,一般人亦不容易得到。所以中大希望藉是次研究去讓政府關注Prep用於預防愛滋病的重要性,以為有需要人士提供資助。


參加者須通過資格, 詳情請瀏覽: http://nonewhiv.hk/implementation-study/


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Join CUHK’s study on PreP (Truvada) usage and get 1 year of free supply.

The research supports future legislation to subsidize our local community to take PreP regularly. This drug, though proven effective to prevent the transmission of HIV, is not widely used in Hong Kong due to price constraints (officially $188 HKD per daily pill by the drug manufacturer).

HIV prevention is a public health issue and we invite you to give back to the community by participating in this meaningful study to improve the quality of life for the many LGBTQ brothers and sisters who may not otherwise afford PreP.

For more information about the study and eligibility criteria, visit: http://nonewhiv.hk/implementation-study/#more

Note: This study requires a referral. Interested parties can contact us at BMCC

Call or Text WhatsApp : +852 6350 5114

Email: admin@hkbmcc.org

Facebook Message: https://www.facebook.com/hkbmcc.org/