Rest in God

Speaker: Pastor Selina

Author: Andy

Passages: Isaiah 30:15


The “prayer of rest” is a silent prayer. One has to be silent and still to pray in this manner. There are two steps to get ready for this prayer:

Connecting with God

The breath of life that comes to us is proof of the close connection we have with God, our Creator. In order to feel this connection, we sit upright, put our feet on the ground, and breathe deeply.

Connecting with the self

In order to feel our connection with ourselves, we rest our hands on our knees, and let our palms face upwards as we breathe in and out. Let the face relax, and feel the reawakening of our body. Pray and let Jesus Christ pray within us.

Those who practise the desert spiritual life employ a technique called “Maranatha”, which means “Please come, my Lord”. This mantra is accompanied by slow, steady breathing.
With “Ma” accompanied by breathing in,
“Ra” accompanied by breathing out,
“Na” accompanied by breathing in, and
“Tha” accompanied by breathing out.
There is no need to project personal emotions into the technique. We only need to maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind and practise Maranatha at a pace and manner we feel most comfortable with.

Connect with our Lord Jesus Christ and pray wholly with our inner breath. In practising Maranatha, we should let Jesus’ prayer surround us. Nobody knows who himself or herself is, or what he or she needs. Jesus Christ alone knows these things for sure.

A practitioner of spiritual learning lets you be aware that we own nothing, and we aren’t anything. We give up all we own to Jesus. We give up our own perceptions of success and failure, right and wrong, gain and loss, should and should not, and let Jesus pray within us and complete us – a wholeness that does not merely exist in our imagination. We should liberate ourselves in the blessings that come from our Lord.

In summary, we have to bear in mind three “S”s as we practise Maranatha:
and simplicity.
We have to remember that there is no prayer other than Jesus Christ praying within us and with us.