Asian Faith Communities Against Conversion Therapy 亞洲教會和團契代表聯署反對拗直治療


I am reaching out to invite you to sign a special petition from inclusive churches to stand against conversion therapy and similar practices.

Our representation alone is not enough and this is why we need your help to sign this petition. We want to bring global attention to this area and expand your unique ministries, beyond Christianity and across all faiths to support the LGBTQ community and more.

Sign form here:


Although progress in civil rights for the LGBTQ has been impressive in European countries and North America, the momentum for Asia is still catching up. A recently published report by Outright International points out the challenges and the spread of conversion therapy and related practices in Asia. These include but not limited to marriages of convenience and involuntary sexual encounters. (

Differences in culture, values and the lack of funding in this area contribute to the difficulty in bringing an effective dialogue and academic research. Hard evidence is needed to convince state actors and the general public in Asia that conversion therapy is unscientific and abusing public health resources. 

The Asian public retains a strong perception that LGBTQ is a behavior that requires correction. They are not aware of the irreparable harm conversion therapy has done to our community.

To bring attention to this topic, we need more countries and LGBTQ communities like yours to recognize this problem.

Why the faith community?

The strongest opposition running these programs and influencing public opinions are conservative Christian groups. Scripture is being used to frame the LGBTQ community in shame and justify the use of conversion therapy.

Not only is this a narrow reading of the Christian faith, but it also strays far from the message of peace and respect that many mature religions embrace. This is where the interfaith movement can shine and advocate for the common values of all inclusive faiths built on the foundations of justice, peace, and equality.

We have the power and every right to recognize the diversity and beauty of ourselves and all others who are oppressed and afraid to proclaim their own identity.

Transform the use of scriptures and teachings from a tool to attack others into words that encourage true faith, love, and justice to grow inside and around us. 

Mould a new generation of inclusive faith identity in Asia. Just like we embrace our diverse identities, the world needs to hear your voice and recognize that not all Christians think alike. Similarly, no single perspective can represent the whole religion regardless of the faith we pursue.

This is the culture with which we lead the world.

Next steps

BMCC has been in contact with the head of Advocacy, Sam Brinton at TREVOR Project in USA and this petition will be used to present his findings to the United Nations near the end of this year. Trevor Project has been supporting many initiatives to outlaw conversion therapy in the States. Sam is eager to learn about our challenges in Asia and see how the global community can help.

BMCC will personally invite all signing organizations and churches to a conference call on September 23rd Monday 8pm to 9pm Hong Kong time.

Chinese Traditional:

大家好,我是香港基恩之家社會公義事工代表 Alan.
我想邀請亞洲各國的教會和團契代表聯署反對任何形式的性傾向矯正療法(或稱拗直治療 Conversion Therapy)或任何企圖改變性傾向的服務。


歐美多個心理學組織早已齊聲譴責性傾向矯正療法,但亞洲的情況仍然停留在起步階段。 近日Outright International 的報告就指出性傾向矯正療法、形婚、逼婚等事情在亞洲仍然盛行。(







某些保守基督教群體現今還是支持性傾向矯正療法最大的動力。 他們以聖經作為壓抑小眾的工具,聲稱扭曲人性乃為主的心意,以此推動矯正療法。





基恩之家一直與美國的Trevor Project 緊密聯繫。 Trevor Project 近年在美國成功在多個州推動立法禁止性傾向矯正療法,並有意協助推動亞洲的事工。他們的 Head of Advocacy, Sam Brinton 今年年底會在聯合國發表性小眾的最新狀況,並呼籲國際社會關注性傾向矯正療法在亞洲蔓延的情況。





Chinese Simplified:

大家好,我是香港基恩之家社会公义事工代表 Alan.
我想邀请亚洲各国的教会和团契代表联署反对任何形式的性倾向矫正疗法(或称拗直治疗 Conversion Therapy)或任何企图改变性倾向的服务。


欧美多个心理学组织早已齐声谴责性倾向矫正疗法,但亚洲的情况仍然停留在起步阶段。近日Outright International 的报告就指出性倾向矫正疗法、形婚、逼婚等事情在亚洲仍然盛行。 (












基恩之家一直与美国的Trevor Project 紧密联系。 Trevor Project 近年在美国成功在多个州推动立法禁止性倾向矫正疗法,并有意协助推动亚洲的事工。他们的 Head of Advocacy, Sam Brinton 今年年底会在联合国发表性小众的最新状况,并呼吁国际社会关注性倾向矫正疗法在亚洲蔓延的情况。





Signed Organizations / 已簽署:

China, Beijing, fellowship
China, Shenzhen, fellowship

Hong Kong, Blessed Ministry Community Church 基恩之家
Hong Kong, Society of True Light 真光社
Hong Kong, Student Christian Movement 香港基督徒學生運動
Hong Kong, Planet Ally
Hong Kong, Queer Theology Academy

Taiwan, Hesed Association 台灣好世協會
Taiwan, Tong-Kwang Light House Presbyterian Church 同光同志長老教會
Taiwan, True Light Gospel Church 真光福音教會

Philippines, Open Table Metropolitan Community Church
Philippines, Baguio City Northern Sanctuary MCC

Singapore, Free Community Church
Malaysia, Good Samaritan Kuala Lumpur GSKL
Myanmar, Colors Rainbow
Delhi, India, The Queer Muslim Project
Geneva Switzerland, Global Interfaith Network GIN-SSOGIE