Pang Wai


感謝神一步步的帶領,使我們基恩之家在兩個月內完成搬堂,展開基恩之家28年的新一頁。感謝神! 也特別感謝每一位在過程付出的弟兄姊妹們! 🙂

With unexpected graces from God, we, brothers and sisters of BMCC, had worked as a holy body to achieve the mission impossible in these two months. God really bless every step of BMCC.

Turning into 28th Anniversary, BMCC still upholds our spiritual vision to bring Kingdom culture upon our home, neighbor, city and country. Welcome everyone join us and unite as a holy body 🙂

From BMCC 基恩之家 Facebook Page

從拆毁再建立,都是上主的恩典! *謝謝肢體們的付出,感恩有你們一路同行。

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