Hong Kong’s ‘bigoted, discriminatory’ LGBT refugee decision shows gov’t bill to speed up court cases won’t fix surge of legal challenges, NGO says | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Thank you all the kind souls who donated and helped the Egyptian brother reach safety in Canada.

Everyone who helped on his case knew of this severe and systematic injustice but were unable to reveal its details for fear of jeopardizing the court case.

Few make it to safety and even fewer have the courage to retell the story to reform the wretched refugee court system in Hong Kong.

He has rewritten his story to no longer be about his personal trauma but about how his body of experiences can bring greater love and justice for others in the same shoes.

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From BMCC 基恩之家 Facebook Page

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers and a human rights organisation said on Wednesday that the government’s proposed legal amendments to speed up the handling of court cases – including those related to refugee non-refoulement claims – will not address the “root causes” of the judiciary’s …

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