Out Pastor: Having Undergone Conversion Therapy and Excluded by the Mainstream Churches, I Hope They will Embrace LGBTQ Lives One Day

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“When I saw men I would flick my wrist with a rubber-band so I would associate pain with sexual thoughts of men. ” Joe Pang is Hong Kong’s only out and gay pastor as he recalls his conversion therapy experiences in his traumatic past.

Growing up in Malaysia where he attended theology school, a teacher attempted to put him through a course of self-inflicted pain. After a week of the so-called treatment his sexual orientation has not changed a bit.

He developed depression and even contemplated suicide. He established a LGBTQ inclusive church in Malaysia but was black-listed by other churches, accusing him of working for the devil.

Joe continues to believe his identity and religion can co-exist. After many trials, he came to Hong Kong in hopes that one day every church in Hong Kong will embrace the LGBTQ community with the genuine kindness and respect.